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Trevor Booker Injury: Wizards Forward Has Plantar Fascitis, Not Expected To Miss Time

Should the Wizards be more concerned about an injury that has lingered for the better part of two months?


Washington Wizards forward Trevor Booker confirmed in tweets today that he has had a lingering foot pain issue that has effected him for the last two months. Despite the pain feeling like "running with a nail in my foot" according to Booker, he is not expected to miss any time.

Bullets Forever's Mike Prada wonders if this is a good idea.

His production remains pretty similar, but there's no point risking a serious long-term injury with the Wizards already well out of the playoff race. The Wizards have to get this thing checked out and deal with it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

While players have played with this type of injury before, Prada's concern I think is well founded. Booker is a consistent inside man for the Wizards and he could certainly be a big part of the Wizards' future plans. A long-term injury that is brought on by this could be something the Wizards can ill-afford.