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Today In Sports: Everyone Goes Nuts Over Hypothetical Event (Wizards/Kentucky Edition)

Earlier this week, former Maryland head coach Gary Williams went on ESPN980 to say that he "wouldn't be surprised"to see Kentucky win one game against the Washington Wizards. At Rupp Arena. With the Wizards playing their third game in three nights. Because Williams said this during the last real lull period before the Final Four, MLB Opening Day, the Masters, and the NBA and NHL Playoffs, it caught on. And all hell has broken lose ever since.

Over to you, Stan Van Gundy:

Could anything happen on a one-night thing? I mean, I suppose, you have major upsets all the time. So, maybe, but it'd be rare and in a series it'd be a joke ... It wouldn't be close. That's just the way it is. John Calipari's got a lot of talent; he does not have 13 NBA players.

Van Gundy spoke those words hours before his Orlando Magic team got housed by the New York Knicks Wednesday night.

Calipari himself weighed in on the debate (via Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports).

So everyone agrees with everybody else at long last. And there is much rejoicing.