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John Wall Doesn't Like Cartier Martin's Haircut

Until this week, Cartier Martin was peddling his basketball skills in China and the D-League. On Friday night, he was pouring in jump shots en route to a game-high 20 points (on 8-of-12 shooting, 4-of-7 3PT).

It's the same Cartier Martin who has spent time with the Wizards the last two seasons. "Same guy that comes in, plays hard, rebounds the ball, and can make open shots, John Wall said. But something is different ... Oh, right. His hair.

"Aw, that's funny," Wall said. "He's got dreads coming."

Martin laughed off Wall comments.

"It's all good, man," he said. "I wanted to try something new, man. You gotta switch it up sometimes. I've had a little bit of everything — braids, low cuts, afros — so I wanted to switch it up, try something different."

So which side of this hair debate are you on: #TeamJohnsJokes or #TeamCartiersHair?