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PHOTO: Lakers Fan Wears Kobe Mask At Wizards Game

At this point, we have a confession to make: Not only do we run a D.C.-centric sports news site/blog fiefdom, but we were raised in Darkest New Hampshire on a steady diet of the Boston Celtics in the Alaa Abdelnaby and Vitaly Potapenko Eras. (Look them up, kids.)

So, no, Los Angeles Lakers fan Chris Brooks (if that's really your name) from Virginia, we do not have any nice things to say about you, good sir. Oh, and you're facing the wrong way, too. And seriously, take that stupid mask off. It was cool when Rip Hamilton did it, like, ten years ago. But now, you're just frontin', man.


Photo via Brian Jackson, aka @MrBjack.