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Nick Young Provides Lift, Terrific Quotes

When the Wizards win, Nick Young fires off quotable quotes like mid-range jumpers with lots of time left on the shot clock. He's the best. Wednesday night was no different.

Joking about his career high six assists

"That’s what I got to do. Make my teammates better. I’m just a complete player, you know."

On defending Kobe Bryant

"Doing the best I can out there to try and stay with him. Not going for him pump fakes. I grew up watching him . I knew everyone was back home watching; I didn't want to get embarrassed."

On coming back from being down 21

"It was just a great time out there. My first time ever beating the Lakers. I looked up I see we're down three, I was like 'How'd we come back that fast.' We just stayed with it."

On his advice that sparked Kevin Seraphin's career night

"They wasn't ready for him. I told him 'Hit 'em with that crazy stuff' today. So he went out there and did it -- did that strong man stuff."

On bouncing back after the Golden State loss

"We knew we had to come back out. The fans, a lot of fans gonna be here tonight, and you don't want keep getting booed off your home court."

Joking after he was asked if the Wizards sensed Kobe was having an off night

"No, that's just my defense. ... No, just playing."

On getting the crowd back on the Wizards side

"That's what we do here. When your back's against the wall, can't do nothing but go up."

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