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PHOTO: John Wall, Now In Convenient LEGO Form

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Our next item is for anyone who's ever thought that John Wall was so cute, you'd just want to put him in your pocket and take him home with you (does anyone still say that anymore?).

Anyway, this customized John Wall minifigure can be found on eBay for the low, low price of $15.50. Wait, seriously, $15.50? Are you kidding me? Look at this thing (well, you'll see it after the jump, but that's beside the point). What, exactly, makes it worth $15.50? The tiny little Wizards jersey? Is that what it is?


It doesn't even look anything like him. Someone needs to call up those crafty Danes and have a word or two with them.

Anyway, if I'm reading eBay right, this item is up for bid until Sunday night. Shockingly, there have only been four bids on it, so there's lots of time to get in there. And if you see Mike Prada clicking around eBay with his credit card in hand, you might want to grab him before things get too crazy.

Photo via. H/T also to Homer McFanboy.

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