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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Wizards Open To Trading JaVale McGee, According To Report

In the wake of Marc Stein's report about the Wizards making inquiries for Andrew Bogut, Michael Lee of the Washington Post has followed up with some reporting of his own. While Lee doesn't mention specific targets (he references the ESPN report, but only to say that the Wizards would be unable to match Bogut's $12 million salary), he does note that the Wizards would be willing to shed themselves of JaVale McGee (a key name in Stein's report) for the right offer:

The Wizards aren’t actively shopping McGee but they are willing to listen, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. With the trade deadline less than a week away, John Wall is the only untouchable on the roster , one executive said.

McGee is one of just five players averaging at least 11.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and two blocked shots – Josh Smith and all-stars Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol, Andrew Bynum are the others – but he has also mixed the spectacular with the perplexing.

Lee goes on to point out some of the other deals that the Wizards have turned down for the sake of keeping their 24-year-old center.

Last summer, Minnesota discussed sending the No. 2 overall pick (which turned out to be Derrick Williams) in exchange for the sixth pick and McGee but the Wizards declined. Oklahoma City reportedly offered the No. 3 pick (which turned out to be James Harden) for McGee and the fifth overall pick before the 2009 draft.


Also, these pieces of gossip from Carla Peay of the Washington Times:

So there we go, folks. Keep your eye on the Wizards as the trade deadline gets closer.