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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Wizards Considering Including JaVale McGee As Incentive To Move Andray Blatche, Report Says

The Washington Wizards are trying to get something done by the trade deadline and one of the players they're trying to move is forward Andray Blatche. The problem however is, the Wiz are having trouble find any takers for Blatche without sweeting the pot, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

The Wiz have been shopping Andray Blatche for months with no luck in hopes of truly changing the team culture around prized youngsters John Wall and Jan Vesely. But sources say the Wiz are now weighing whether it's time to finally surrender McGee -- who for all his potential still routinely finds himself at the heart of Washington's ongoing turbulence -- on the condition that his new team take Blatche as well.

The Wizards have been avoiding having to move JaVale McGee, but if they really want to make that culture shift and move Blatche, they might have to bite the bullet and include McGee in a trade to entire a team to take Blatche off their hands.

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