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Magic Vs. Wizards Pixels: Kevin Seraphin Is All Your Points And Rebounds

Catch up quick on the news, notes and must-see from Tuesday's Magic Vs. Wizards action -- good and bad -- with 'Postive Pixels, Wicked Pixels.' It's your morning-after Wizards hangover cure.

Positive Pixels

KEVIN SERAPHIN IS THE BEST CENTER IN THE NBA. Hyperbole of course, but he is the best Kevin Seraphin he can be. Right now that's pretty good, and it could get better. With Dwight Howard out, Seraphin put up career highs in points (24) and rebounds (12) and tied a career high with four blocks. NBA success is often as simple as about opportunity and confidence and Seraphin is using the former to build the latter.

Jordan Crawford is Jordan Crawford. Yes, at times that means living with wild shot selection, but as John Wall said after the game, you sometimes have to live with those shots because Crawford's capable of making them. He hit two big shots late to preserve the Wizards win, then dropped a Money Quote after the game when I asked why he didn't react emotionally to either shot.

You get a 10-day! And you get a 10-day! For the second straight game, Cartier Martin (12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists) and James Singleton (12 points, 8 rebounds) gave the Wizards productive minutes off the bench. They've been so good that head coach Randy Wittman had a brilliant idea: "We might have to go all 10-day contracts next year. Some of our guys might not like to hear that."

Wicked Pixels

The John Wall bobblehead looks nothing like John Wall. Reaching here, obviously, but tell me I'm wrong. Also, why does this bobblehead look nothing like the old John Wall bobblehead? Has John Wall changed that much? Who even makes these things? I have a lot of questions ...

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