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Will Ernie Grunfeld Be Back With The Wizards Next Season?

Even though most talk of the Wizards has been buried by the trials and travails of the Nationals and Capitals, Michael Lee's story in the Washington Post about Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld deserves some mention here.

Grunfeld is in an odd place, it seems to us. No one affiliated with the organization, least of all Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, has given any hint that Grunfeld might not be brought back when his contract expires after this season. At the same time, many people around the league, including the people Lee talked to for his story, assume that Grunfeld's a dead man walking.

Here's just a sampling of opinion.

One prominent agent said the Wizards job would be highly sought after if it became available and that there is "no way" Leonsis can bring back Grunfeld.

"Look, it's a tough job," the agent said. "But he's had his shot."

And some more.

"Nothing against Ernie, but he's worked there for nine years and if you work for AT&T for nine years and the stock is dropping every day and you're losing, guess what? The board of directors is getting rid of you. That's the reality.

"The stock is falling in Washington."

For what it's worth, we would tend to agree with Lee's anonymous interviewees. Grunfeld's put together a fascinating track record of both mistakes and shrewd moves, and while he's not completely responsible for things being the way they are today, we think that at some point, the Wizards will need some fresh eyes to look over their roster and see what they can do.

But what do we know, anyway?

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