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Introducing Bullets Forever's Offseason Of #Quotesanity

The Washington Wizards ended their season Thursday night with a thumping 104-70 win over the Miami Heat's reserve team. Washington ended the season with a record of 20 wins, 46 losses, and hundreds of memorable quotes that were recorded, copied down, tweeted, and otherwise disseminated to the world at large.

To make the offseason go by quicker, SB Nation's Wizards blog, Bullets Forever, has unveiled #Quotesanity, a bracket-style tournament that asks users to narrow the 32 best, weirdest, most awkward, most infuriating, eye-roll inducing, head-slamming quotes from the season that was down to a single winner.

The bracket is after the jump.


There are so many things we love about this tournament. We love the fact that there's a McGee Regional. We love the fact that Randy Wittman's many discourses on smoking only managed a No. 2 seed. We love the fact that "Can't Say I Do" appears set to steamroll through this draft like the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats.

Most importantly, we love that this tournament exists, because it's made the slog of a season at least somewhat worthwhile.

Voting begins Monday.