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A Few Words With The Man Behind 'Dump For Davis'

On the afternoon of March 29, hours before the Washington Wizards lost 93-89 to the Indiana Pacers and with Kentucky's Anthony Davis in the process of tearing up the NCAA Tournament, this tweet was sent out from a very self-explanatory account.

The site itself is professional-looking, if a bit sparse. Its lone apparent feature is a poll that asks fans whether or not the Wizards should "dump" the rest of the season in an effort to have the best chance of securing the No. 1 pick in next month's NBA Draft Lottery (as of Wednesday afternoon, the "dump" option led by roughly a 3-to-1 margin.

The man behind the site is James Johnson, a general contractor from Falls Church, Va., who says he's been a Bullets/Wizards fan since he "grew up watching the Bullets in the Cap Centre."

Mr. Johnson has obviously seen a lot of bad basketball, so why does he feel so strongly about Anthony Davis that he started Dump For Davis?

"The season is already down the poop chute, thus the Dump For Davis slogan," Johnson wrote SB Nation DC in an email. "He is the best player on the board, hands down, worth losing the last few games."

Fair point. But what if the Wizards didn't get the No. 1 pick? Who would Johnson like to see them take? "Gotta go with [Kentucky] teammate Kidd-Gilchrist."

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