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Pacers Vs. Wizards In Pixels: John Wall Struggles, So It's All About Brian Cook

WASHINGTON — Catch up quickly on the news, notes and must-see from last night's Pacers vs. Wizards game -- good and bad -- with 'Postive Pixels, Wicked Pixels.' It's your morning-after Wizards hangover cure.

Positive Pixels

Brian Cook's (random) big night. With Nene and Trevor Booker sidelined with Plantar Fasicitis, Cook got 28+ minutes and had his best night of the season. His 10 points were nice, but his nine rebounds were sublime. That effort accounted for 29 percent of all boards he's pulled down this season. Tonight, Brian Cook rewrote his own legacy.

Jordan Crawford kept the Wizards close — at least in the first half. Jordan Crawford's shot selection is the bane of many Wizards fans, even when the shots go in. It's not always ideal, but sometimes Crawford is *the* option on offense (especially when John Wall is struggling) and tonight he knocked down a lot of the Jordan Crawford Shots he put up. Can't wait to wake up and find out that we're actually inside Jordan's dream within a dream.

Wicked Pixels

John Wall is still in a funk. Head coach Randy Wittman wants Wall to make simple plays to get his swagger back. His teammates say everyone goes through struggles and he'll get it back. John insists everything's fine. He's probably right.

Still, Wall finished four-for-15 from the field with just three assists and played just 28 minutes while Shelvin Mack was given an opportunity to run the point. He made some odd choices during the game — bailing out of drives to throw awkward kick-outs, and a pair of futile 360-layup attempts come to mind. Again, nothing to worry about. But there are 11 games left, and it'd be encouraging to see him bounce back before the offseason.

Indiana made a lot of shots. The Pacers shot 87 percent in the first quarter of a regular season NBA basketball game. You have never done this in NBA 2K or even NBA Jam.

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