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Wizards Vs. Bobcats Score Update: Washington Dominating Charlotte, Leads By 20 At Half

One of Washington's five road wins this season came in Charlotte against the lowly Bobcats in January. The Wizards put themselves in great position to pick up another road win on Monday night, leading 60-40 after 24 minutes. The only other time Washington lead by 20 points at the half this season was against this same Charlotte team at home. The Wizards were crisp and efficient in all phases on the offensive end, dishing 16 team-assists in the first half alone.

Washington was led by John Wall, who moved the ball in transition throughout the first half and has eight assists already. While Wall has only one bucket, he completely facilitated the offense and was picked up by 34 points of bench-scoring. James Singleton hit five of six attempts from the floor and has a team-high 14 points. Joining him off the bench was Cartier Martin, who added 13 points. On the defensive end, Washington forced 11 first-half Charlotte turnovers to bump the lead up to double digits in the second quarter.

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