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SB Nation's List Of Worst Sports Slogans Includes 'Get Your Red On,' 'Back To Basics'

Over at the main SB Nation site, Jon Bois is taking a disturbingly in-depth look at the worst slogans in each sport. Here's a link to his NBA piece, and a link to his MLB piece.

As you may or may not know, Washington's sports teams have had some real doozies for slogans over the past five years or so, so it was only natural that some of them would attract Jon's notice. After the jump, we'll give you the five for D.C. teams that stood out.

2005-06 Wizards: "One Team, One Goal" (Final record: 42-40, lost to Cleveland in first round).

2007-08 Wizards: "Ready To Rule" (Final record: 43-39, lost to Cleveland in first round).

2008-09 Wizards: "Character. Commitment. Connection." (Final record: 19-63)

2009 Nationals: "Get Your Red On." (Final record: 59-103. Jon's Take: "Did the 'Get Your ____ On' cliche construct start with Missy Elliott? This is the same team that's going on about "Ignite Your Natitude" this season, which probably means that everyone in the Nationals' front office should go to prison.")

And finally, the 2010-11 Wizards: "Back To Basics" (Final record: 23-59. Jon's Take: "It's fun to read this as 'Back To Asics' and imagine the Wizards rocking Asics for a season. I bet their spokesman is, like, Chris Gatling.").

Read both the things, as they say.