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NBA Draft 2012: Everything You Need To Know About The 2012 Lottery

The 2012 NBA Draft does not happen until June 28, but the excitement around the annual event will get bumped up to 11 on Wednesday with the draft lottery. An annual event that decides the first three picks in the draft, 14 teams left outside looking in on the playoffs this year will have a shot to land one of those coveted picks.

The Washington Wizards, who finished the year with a 20-46 record, have the second-best odds of any of the 14 teams to draw the first overall pick. To be exact, they have a 19.9 percent chance of coming out on top with the right to draft Kentucky's Anthony Davis. Washington has a 55.8 percent chance to get a top-three pick, and will be picking somewhere in the first five picks regardless of how the lottery shakes out on Wednesday.

Wednesday's lottery happens at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, from Seacaucus, NJ. It will be broadcast live on ESPN.

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