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2012 NBA Draft: Athletic Testing Results From NBA Combine Released

With a little over two weeks to go until the 2012 NBA Draft, the athletic testing results from the NBA Combine were released on Tuesday morning. The Washington Wizards have the No. 3 pick, so, basically, the testing results of every player not named Anthony Davis -- who didn't even participate -- are relevant to Washington's scouting process.

Over at Bullets Forever, Mike Prada has a rundown of the performances of every player the Wizards could possibly consider with their pick. Here are the numbers for five of the guys most likely to be selected by the Wizards:

Player No-step vert Max vert No-step reach Max reach Bench reps Agility Sprint
Thomas Robinson 28.5 35.5 11'2.5'' 11'9.5'' 15 11.96 3.17
Bradley Beal 33 39 11'1'' 11'7'' 8 10.95 3.28
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 32 35.5 11'4.5'' 11'8'' 6 11.77 3.18
Harrison Barnes 38 39.5 11'7.5'' 11'9'' 15 10.93 3.16
Perry Jones III 33 38.5 11'8'' 12'1.5'' 11 11.31 3.19

Check out DraftExpress for a complete rundown of the best and worst performers.

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