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Bradley Beal On Jesse Jackson: 'He Talked A Lot. I Put My Headphones On.'

Most people have been on the same airplane as a celebrity (we once shared a Chicago-to-New York flight with Philip Seymour Hoffman, while our mother was once on the same Germany-bound craft as a certain Elton John). Far more often, we've all had an annoying person sitting next to us or near us when traveling.

In the case of NBA draft prospect Bradley Beal, the two circumstances intersected on his flight to Washington to work out with the Wizards.

That was what Beal tweeted on Wednesday night. Thursday afternoon, when Beal was asked about his encounter with the reverend, he was somewhat less enthused.

Well, I guess not all famous people are at their best when traveling. Note the classic use of the headphones strategy. That's the kind of solid fundamentals the Wizards are looking for.