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2012 NBA Draft: Some Scouts Believe Henry Sims Doesn't Get Drafted

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated posted an article on Tuesday with the thoughts of scouts on just about every major NBA Draft prospect. While the quotes provided aren't the actual quotes of any given scout, Davis explains that they are the culmination of the thoughts of six different scouts, coaches and executives that he has spoken with.

Among the prospects that were discussed was Georgetown center Henry Sims:

"He had a pretty good last season, but where was he the first three? I don't know if he likes to play or not. I don't think he gets drafted. I don't know how much of that body of work I can trust."

Very few believe Sims will be drafted in the first round, but in DraftExpress's latest mock draft, Sims was projected to be taken by the Brooklyn Nets with the 57th overall selection. Sims averaged 11.6 points and six rebounds in 27.5 minutes per game during his senior season.

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