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Wizards Draft Rumors: Washington Trade Talk Could Be A Bluff

The rumor mill has been cranking out some talk recently about the Washington Wizards and their No. 3 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Washington is said to be getting some calls about the pick. Michael Lee from the Washington Post reported that teams are interested in Kansas forward Thomas Robinson. The reality is that so much of the trade talk this time of the year is subterfuge, which makes it hard to read, much less predict.

Charlotte is said to covet Robinson. The Bobcats are eyeing a trade down, swapping places with the Cleveland Cavaliers who have the fourth pick and drafting Robinson there. Cleveland's interest in moving up to to leapfrog Washington for Florida's Bradley Beal.

Chad Ford of ESPN believes that the Washington trade talk is designed to give Charlotte pause about trading with Cleveland and costing them a chance at Beal.

Is it a head fake or not? The answer should reveal itself by Thursday night.

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