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VIDEO: With The Third Pick, Washington Selects ... Link?

We're not sure how often we've told you this, but we work with some fascinating, frighteningly creative people at SB Nation, especially in our video department. As it happens, all of our NBA people, including SB Nation DC's editor emeritus and Bullets Forever siterunner Mike Prada, are in New York City for Thursday's NBA Draft. NYC also happens to be the home of SB Nation Studios.

So, we were well aware that something special was going to be coming down the pike Thursday afternoon in anticipation of the evening's festivities. But we didn't know quite how good it was going to be.

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See, SB Nation Studios prides itself on asking the tough questions, like: What would happen if, in addition to opening the NBA Draft to domestic and foreign players, the Association got 8-bit characters involved?

In response, we came up with the video you see below. Enjoy it, and enjoy the Draft.

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