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NBA Draft 2012: Wizards Get It Right With Bradley Beal

You're going to love Bradley Beal. That's what I want to tell you the most, reader. But you probably already know that because the loudest cheer of the night at the Wizards NBA Draft party was for the Bobcats, who selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the No. 2 pick, one ahead of Washington.

Everyone thought the same thing: "We got him. Bradley Beal is coming to Washington."

Going into the 2012 NBA Draft, there were two possibilities for the Wizards: A) Draft Bradley Beal B) No Beal, and one of 756 different things happens and all our heads explode. In the end, the Wizards got the prospect they've coveted all along without having to move up. The Wizards got it right.

Look, if you're a Wizards fan, this has to be friggin' exciting:

What Wall didn't tweet is his plans to "put a lot of popcorn" in Beal's car when he gets here. (Told of Wall's antics, Beal said he plans to walk to practice when he gets to D.C.)*

*Old Wizards: Poop in shoes // New Wizards: Popcorn ... That's some sort of progress!

Back to the Draft, look at these happy Wizards fans!

So where does this leave the Wizards?

Well, a strange thing happens you look at the roster overhaul since Washington made a deal for Nene at the trade deadline last season. The Wizards are starting to resemble an actual basketball team. This is good (and I don't need to tell you this, but I will) because they play in the NBA, a basketball league.

So spend all of Friday scouring the web for NBA Draft Grades — and sure, be salty about leaving Jae Crowder and Quincy Miller in the 2nd round, if you're a real grump — but here's a good way to judge the Wizards 2012 NBA Draft: Are you happier now than you were a year ago?

You have to be. The Wizards have a plan in place that doesn't begin or end with "Well, if Andray, Nick and JaVale ..." That's a good thing. Stay tuned. They could be on to something here.

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