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NBA Draft 2012, Wizards: 'Competent Enough' Draft For Washington

Following the acquisitions of both Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza it became patently obvious that the biggest hole on the Wizards roster was at the shooting guard position. Bradley Beal became the most logical solution and every team knew it. But despite much speculation that a team would trade with the Bobcats to take the Florida player, it never formulated. Instead Beal fell right into the lap of the Wizards and they got their guy.

The warm and fuzzies for Wizards fans faltered a bit, though, when the team selected Tomas Satoransky with the 32nd pick with many intriguing prospects available. A selection that one writer at SB Nation Wizards blog, Bullets Forever, called, "A hard moment."

"In the final calculation, the Wizards got their man in Beal. There's an open question as to how much credit Grunfeld deserves for that, but the fact is that the Wizards have landed perhaps the second-most coveted pick in the draft at the third spot and that doesn't count for nothing. Not having a pick at No. 46 stung (to say nothing of No. 10), but not as much as watching Ernie use the No. 32, practically a first rounder considering the depth of the year's draft class and significant talent remaining on the board, on a Euro draft-and-stash in Satoransky."

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