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Andray Blatche Plays In Summer League Run By Party People, Is A Bona Fide Chucker

So, what is Andray Blatche doing with his offseason, you ask?

Well apparently, he's in Miami, playing games in something called the Gametime Lifestyle Adult Basketball League. And what is Gametime Lifestyle, you ask? According to its site:

We are Lifestyle Specialists. Event holders that specialize in catering to people's wants and needs. This means we make sure you get treated like a celebrity, not just the celebrity guests.

In short, party people.

Instead of watching the celebrity guests party in the VIP, you party next to them. Or, how about you get the red carpet treatment for once? Well, it is our mission to eliminate the everyday unfulfilling experiences when partying and clubbing.

You will remember, of course, that Andray Blatche likes a party. Remember last year's season finale? Lap Dance Tuesdays? Blatche-McGee I? Clearly, the man hasn't given the lifestyle up entirely.

And how's Blatche doing in the adult basketball league, you ask? Well, this past Tuesday, he did record 22 points and 14 rebounds in a 62-55 loss by his team, Elite Society. You'll want to check out the video below for the most Andray Blatche moment ever, beginning at 1:15.

Odds that the shot went in? 20-1? 50-1? 75-1?

Assist point to Adam McGinnis of Truth About It. Bullets Forever gets credit for the video.