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Ted Leonsis Wants To Build New Practice Facility For Wizards

This column by Mike Wise of the Washington Post regarding Ted Leonsis' stewardship of the Wizards and Capitals was at the top of our starting five today. Its main point can be summed up thus:

At some point, when the conservative approach doesn't result in championship runs, what was once praised as frugality and patience starts to become scrutinized as cheapness and complacence.

You knew a response would come, and come it did Wednesday afternoon on Leonsis' personal blog. If you want to read the whole thing, please do so, but what jumped out to us is below the, well, jump.

In the long term I want to build a new practice facility for the Wizards, much like that fabulous facility the Capitals have with Kettler Capitals Iceplex, which is one-of-a-kind and first class for our players, fans and the community. The Wizards deserve that as do the Wizards fans.

The Wizards, for those who don't know, have their own practice court in the bowels of Verizon Center. They also held their lockout-shortened training camp there this past winter.

The larger value in a new facility, as is the case with the Kettler Iceplex, would be its use by other members of the community, in the same way Kettler is used by youth hockey leagues, men's beer leagues, and recreational ice skaters.

Perhaps Leonsis could combine two of his blog posts together and set something up at Barry Farm? Now that would be something to see.