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Jordan Crawford Is Excited To Go To Vegas

Now that Andray Blatche has essentially become a nonentity with regard to the Washington Wizards, Jordan Crawford has received the torch as "The Wizard the fan base most wants to rip on."

To wit: this is from Bullets Forever's season-ending evaluation.

If we were rating the Wizards on "success + degree of difficulty," Jordan Crawford would undoubtedly earn 10s across the board. However, if we were to continually reward the amazing over the practical, JaVale McGee would have always scored 15s on our 10 point scale.

Also, this, from Kissing Suzy Kolber writer Jack Kogod.

Luckily for Jordan, NBA Summer League is coming up. And you know what that means ...

Oh, yes. Jordan Crawford, the man who let us know that he tries to get rid of his shorties by Valentine's Day, he knows what it means.