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NBA Summer League 2012: Wizards Drop Opener To Atlanta, 102-82

The Washington Wizards fell in their 2012 Summer League opener 102-82 to the Atlanta Hawks in Las Vegas Friday afternoon.

The Wizards played incredibly sloppy, committing 19 turnovers while making just 42.4 percent to the Hawks' mark of 54.2 percent.

The game was the debut for top Wizards draft pick Bradley Beal, who put in a solid game, scoring a team-high 22 points on 6-of-14 shooting while also making 9-of-10 free throws.

Mike Prada, editor of the Wizards blog Bullets Forever, is in Las Vegas for the summer league and has put together a handy post of notes from today's game, and while he admits that Beal shows flashes, he needs to make more adjustments to the NBA level.

"You have to like the pace Bradley Beal plays at, but the first few minutes were a good indicator of how the NBA game is different. He had a wide-open lane for a layup off a curl on the Wizards' first possession, but was too slow to explode to the hoop and missed the shot. Then, on a secondary fast break, Beal rushed the pass to Shavlik Randolph, which forced Randolph into a cringe-worthy isolation."

Chris Singleton was the other Wizards player who came to play, scoring 20 points on 7-of-13 shooting, however the rest of the team could not play to the level of Singleton or Beal.

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