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VIDEO: Chris Singleton Throws Down On A D-Leaguer

Earlier today, we poked a little fun at Chris Singleton's pink sneakers with an assist from Wizards point guard John Wall, who referred to them, slightly undiplomatically, as "cancer shoes." (Note: we don't think Wall meant to take the mickey out of cancer patients, but we can't help but think of Kevin Garnett's encounter with Charlie Villanueva from a couple seasons back.)

Anyway, Singleton got a bit of his own back in Sunday night's game against the NBA D-League Select team. Videois below the jump, so let's watch and enjoy, shall we?

Gotta love the commentator with the perfectly-timed "It must be the shoes!" And here's what our panel of experts thought.

Of course, the Wizards wound up losing to the D-Leaguers, 85-78. But Chris, we apologize. You keep making plays like that, you can wear sneakers in whatever color you like.