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Gilbert Arenas Is Selling His Virginia House

Gilbert Arenas, to use the words of Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, "traded himself to Orlando," then was sent packing from the Magic, then was picked up by the Memphis Grizzlies, and is now a man without a team, looking for some security, and likely to get only the veteran's minimum (if, that is, he ever plays in the NBA again.)

All the while, Gilbert's massive house in Great Falls, Virginia still stood, a symbol of a period in Wizards history that marked the most entertaining stretch of basketball this town had seen in at least a decade, as well as the most personally lucrative stretch of Gilbert's career.

But now, the good times may be no more. According to Deadspin, Gilbert's put the seven-bedroom, seven-bath house on the market and is asking for $3.5 million. The exact address and other information are all in those two links, in case you're interested. Sources tell us that Bullets Forever majordomo Mike Prada is interested in placing a bid on the grotto. Stay tuned for more.