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Bradley Beal Is A Smart Cookie, According To Billy Donovan

Bradley Beal's college coach, Billy Donovan of Florida, appeared on 106.7 The Fan Tuesday morning with Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier to discuss exactly how little Beal resembles the talent on Wizards teams of the past.

Here's just one example, according to Donovan.

"While he was here, he majored in pre-med. He had over a 3.5 GPA. We never, ever had one ounce of trouble with Brad, ever."

There's since been some clarification from Mike Prada over at Bullets Forever. Apparently, Florida doesn't technically have a pre-med major. But Donovan's a basketball coach, not an academic advisor, and his point is well-taken.

Mike also highlighted something that we found interesting with regard to Beal's early NBA career.

"I think Brad will have an adjustment with the NBA three-point line," Donovan said. "I think all those guys do when they get up there. It's the same way in college. Most guys don't shoot to their capabilities as freshman, and many guys, probably most guys don't shoot to their capabilities as rookie. But I think that, as he puts in the time and effort, he's going to be a terrific three-point shooter."

Should be interesting to watch.

Thanks to 106.7 The Fan for the audio.